About Us

Pondhouse Press is the publishing arm of Medical Marketing Economics, LLC® (MME®). 

MME offers unparalleled expertise and support in the development, implementation, and evaluation of strategies and tactics that focus on the value of your products. We provide guidance in pricing, contracting, reimbursement, and an understanding of payers and providers to help marketing professionals within the pharmaceutical and biotech industries achieve their goals. MME believes that value is an essential element of marketing. We work with our clients to recognize, create and capitalize on opportunities based on the value of their product (and other market considerations?). The depth and breadth of our experience enables us to ensure our clients can identify value drivers from both customer and manufacturer perspectives.

Our practice is built solidly upon deep industry knowledge and a reputation for delivering “real-world” solutions. For each engagement we assess opportunities and risks, develop strategic recommendations and help clients to identify and achieve optimal results, no matter what hurdles confront them. We collaborate to construct “value frames” based on the nuances of value perceptions as well as why they matter, how they interact and when they change. Value, every aspect of value, is at the core of our work, and we help each client deliver optimal value to its own customers.

In addition to our custom advising and consulting services, MME offers an array of standard approaches and programs to assist clients in the areas of marketing, marketing research, pricing and reimbursement, account management, training and public policy that many clients have come to rely on.

Please learn more about MME at www.m2econ.com.