The Strategic Pricing of Pharmaceuticals

The Strategic Pricing of Pharmaceuticals
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Ever wonder how drug prices are set and why? The Strategic Pricing of Pharmaceuticals will take you through the complex world of pharmaceutical and biotech pricing in a clear and straightforward manner. With a focus on practical, value-based pricing, The Strategic Pricing of Pharmaceuticals explains the different types of value that a medicine can provide, how different customers interpret and understand value, and the ways in which the marketer can capture that value through pricing. Unlike other books in this area, which tend to be more theoretical than practical, this one explores and explains how medicines are priced as well as how they should be priced, how those prices are perceived in the marketplace, and how prices affect sales, as well as the many factors that must be considered in setting and managing the prices of medicines.

The Strategic Pricing of Pharmaceuticals begins with a discussion of how pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals are different from other products in terms of value and why typical assumptions and approaches to pricing fail to consider the true nature of pharmaceuticals or to capture their value. This book provides pharmaceutical marketers with needed guidance through the use of in-depth discussions and analyses of the factors that should be considered when setting and managing pharmaceutical prices. Every aspect of the pharmaceutical pricing world is addressed: generics, contracting concepts and details, management of the pricing process, pricing research, pricing outside the US market, setting the price for new products, and considerations for the future of pharmaceutical pricing. With chapters focusing on competitive issues, insurance reimbursement, medical decision making, and the often overlooked company-specific factors that drive many pricing decisions, this book provides the reader with insights, useful advice, and knowledge that cannot be found elsewhere.

Marketing, economics, and pharmacy students, as well as marketers and industry executives, can gain a better understanding of the "how and why" of appropriately pricing pharmaceuticals—and how to avoid dangerous pitfalls along the way—by reading The Strategic Pricing of Pharmaceuticals.

  • Forward
  • Acknowledgements
  • Chapter 1: Why is Pharmaceutical Pricing Different?
  • Chapter 2: Basic Pricing Principles
  • Chapter 3: Pricing Flow and Terminology
  • Chapter 4: The Role of Value in the Pricing of Pharmaceuticals
  • Chapter 5: The Role of Price in Medical Decision Making
  • Chapter 6: Patient and Disease Characteristics
  • Chapter 7: The Role of Reimbursement in Pricing
  • Chapter 8: Competition
  • Chapter 9: Public Relations and Policy
  • Chapter 10: Company Needs and Abilities
  • Chapter 11: Pharmaceutical Pricing Research
  • Chapter 12: Managing the Pricing Function
  • Chapter 13: The Process for New Product Pricing
  • Chapter 14: Generic Markets
  • Chapter 15: Pharmaceutical Contracting Basics
  • Chapter 16: International Pharmaceutical Pricing
  • Chapter 17: The Future Of Pharmaceutical Pricing

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